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Marietta Hoferer’s collages made out of clear tape are based on a regular, modular composition of symmetrical patterns arranged into a grid format. Yet, minute differences in the size and texture of the tape affects its reflectivity, producing endless variations in the luminosity of the drawing, whose surface changes constantly under the eyes of the viewer like the surface of water.

Isabelle Dervaux
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings,
The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY


The Presence of Absence

Marietta Hoferer's labor-intensive stripe "drawings" are made from grid-like arrangements of tape, their white-on-white composition toying with a minimalist conception of absence. Yet in their careful construction, the result of a meticulous process, the often highly wrought surface also bear the mark of time, resisting any easy reading of the works as simple phenomenological conceits.

João Ribas
Art critic, writer and curator at the Drawing Center in New York City